User Agreement entering this site shall be deemed to have accepted the Conditions.

    1. General condtions

    • Hasturizm.bg (referred as the "Website" further on) is a Bulgarian website providing its Client information about the timetables of mass bus transportation and the possibility to purchase online tickets for more than 20 countries in Europe.


    • The Website is property of "Has Turizm" Ltd.


    • "Has Turizm" Ltd. is a licensed bus carrier.


    • "Has Turizm" Ltd. is registered Administrator of personal information, written in the "Registry of administrators of personal information and their registers" with identification №: ….


    • By using the offered service of Hasturizm.bg the Client is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the website.

    2. Purchase of e-ticket


    • Purchasing an e-ticket, the Client is paying 100% of the value of the ticket and receives guaranteed place in the bus, according the conditions of the Carrier.


    • The Client has the right to choose a method of payment.


    • By the act of purchasing e-ticket, the Client is obliged to give valid information for the following:


    - Telephone number

    - Email, on which to receive the e-ticket

    - Name and surname

    - Date, month and year of birth

    - Any additional information, when specified in the concrete specifications of the Carrier.

    - The above mentioned information must be given for any Passenger for whom an e-ticket is bought. Otherwise, the team of Hasturizm.bg cannot guarantee a reserved place in the bus.

    - After paying 100% of the amount, the Client receives an e-ticket with an unique reservation code on the indicated email address. The Client is obliged to print the e-ticket and bring it on th travel day.

    - The team of Hasturizm.bg and the Carrier reserve their right to reject your order for ticket.

    - The Client is obligated to not resell the ticket and to not offer for resell the tickets bought on the website of Hasturizm.bg .

    - The Client does not have the rights to use the tickets purchased on the Website for advertising purposes, including promotions, games, contests, competitions and/or lotteries, as well in any other commercial purposes. If you lose or forget your code, the amount paid for the ticket will not be refunded.


    3. Price of the ticket


    • The prices, stated on the Website, are equal to the official fares of the Carrier, without any surplus charges or fees.


    • When purchasing a ticket online with a debit/credit card or at a cash desk of Easy Pay the charge for the transaction is paid by Hasturizm.bg . In case of paying by direct deposit in a bank, the additional charges are covered by the Client.


    • The price of the ticket is the one, which is stated on the Website at the moment of making the order, excluding the cases of obvious mistake. In case of an obvious mistake in the fares, please contact the administrators of the website.


    • All of the fares are in bulgarian levs (BGN) with VAT included.

    • If by the time of issuing of the fiscal ticket there is established a difference in the price of the ticket and the price paid on the website of Hasturizm.bg, the difference in the amount will be refunded by the Hasturizm.bg team, in case of paying a higher amount than the actual.


    • You are obliged to pay the difference in the price of the tickets in case of paying a smaller amount than the actual. If you do not wish to pay the difference for your ticket you are entitled to cancel it as per the Conditions of the Carrier.


    4. Obligations of Hasturizm.bg's team


    • The team of Hasturizm.bg is obligated to keep the information for the Passenger, to not give it to third parties and to not use the contact information for the Passenger for purposes, different than the mentioned in this agreement.


    • The team of Hasturizm.bg is obligated to provide properly the information given from the Carriers and to guarantee a seat in the bus for the received money from the Passenger.

    5. Obligations of the Passengers


    • When purchasing the Client is obligated to check all the information for the transportation, especially the one for the Carrier, the day and hour of departure, the fare of the transportation, as well the email address he provides as a contact with the team of Hasturizm.bg .


    • Obligation of the Client is to get acquainted with the general conditions of Hasturizm.bg and the Carrier. At the moment of check in the Passenger must compare and check if the information from the fiscal ticket coincides with the one from the e-ticket.


    • The Passenger is obligated to bring with himself on the day of the traveling his ID (when travelling ouside the European Union and international passport) as well any other documents, necessary as certification of the applied discount.


    • The Passenger is obligated to check the impeccability of the documents. When irregularity is stated upon verification, on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria as well when passing a checkpoint in an international route, the Passenger will be forced off and the amount of the ticket will not be refunded.


    6. Protection of the personal information


    •The team of Hasturizm.bg is obligated to not reveal any personal information of the Client and to not provide the accumulated information to third parties – government bodies, companies, individuals and others, except when:


    - has received the consent of the Client at registration or later;


    - the information is required by government bodies or official, which as per the current legislation are authorized to require and collect such information when following the legislative procedures.


    • The personal details, collected through the website Hasturizm.bg, property of "Has Turizm" LTD are used only for the purposes of the performed service - online purchase of bus tickets, strictly following the requirements of the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.


    • When providing the personal details the Client explicitly confirms his consent for the team of Hasturizm.bg to dispose of the data only in conjunction with the implementation of the service, as well for the purposes of direct marketing, except when specifically prohibits that.


    • The team of Hasturizm.bg is not held responsible for problems, occured from incorrect or incomplete information, provided by you.


    • When you are providing us your personal details, you are confirming and accepting the submission of your personal details to the related to us carriers.


    7. Links from the website to the websites of third parties


    • The website contains links to other websites of third parties, which are not controlled by us and we do not bear responsibility for their content.


    8. Other legal rights


    • Hasturizm.bg team reserves the right to change ex parte the current Terms and conditions, for which is not obligated to inform the Clients. It is your responsibility to keep track of any changes in the General conditions and if you continue to use the website, you have explicitly agreed to the made changes.


    • The team of Hasturizm.bg does not guarantee that the services offered on the Website will be uninterrupted or without mistakes. The team of Hasturizm.bg does not guarantee and does not declare that the information on the Website will be accurate and current. Additionally, the team of Hasturizm.bg maintains the right to change the content, design and all the parts of the website, as well to suspend, temporary or permanently the access to all or to certain parts of the website without any pre-announcement and without bearing responsibility.


    • At the moment of purchasing bus tickets online on Hasturizm.bg or in our offices, you are explicitly agreeing with the Terms and conditions of the Website as well with the specific ones of the Carrier and is your responsibility to become aquanticed with them preliminarily. Hasturizm.bg does not operate as a Carrier. Hasturizm.bg does not hold responsibility for changes of the Terms and conditions of the Carriers.


    • The locations of the bus stops on the interactive maps on the website are approximate and the team of Hasturizm.bg is not responsible for the accuracy of the locations of the bus stops, visualized on the interactive maps. When needed please contact the Carrier or the team of Hasturizm.bg for specification of the exact place of departure and arrival of the bus.


    • The parties declare that in case that one of the terms in the current Terms and conditions is/are invalid this would not mean nullity of the contract, other terms or parts of it. The invalid stiuation will be replaced by the imperative norms of the law or the standard practice.


    •For all the unsettled issues by the above Terms and conditions are applicable the regulations of the operative law in the Republic of Bulgaria.